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Inflatable shock absorber

【PubTime:2017-08-15 Admin:WoGong】

  The shock absorber used in the car has two-way bucket shock absorber, inflatable shock absorber and damping adjustable shock absorber 3 kinds.
  The inflatable shock absorber consists of a cylinder two pistons, a seal, two valves. The working cylinder is equipped with a working piston and a floating piston, working on the piston, and the floating piston is divided into three parts. The closed air chamber formed between the lower part of the floating piston and the cylinder is filled with high pressure nitrogen and a large cross section O-ring at the edge of the floating piston to separate the oil above the floating piston from the lower nitrogen. Working piston with a piston with the speed of movement to change the channel over-flow area of ??the compression valve and extension valve, two valves are a group of the same thickness, diameter, from large to small arrangement of spring steel composition.
  When the wheel relative to the frame movement, the working piston in the oil reciprocating movement, so that the working piston between the lower chamber pressure difference between the pressure, then press the pressure valve or push the valve back and forth flow. As the valve on the pressure oil to produce a greater damping force, so that vibration attenuation. Due to the presence of the piston rod caused by the cylinder volume changes by the floating piston on the lower movement to compensate.
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