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Two - way cartridge vibration absorber

【PubTime:2017-08-15 Admin:WoGong】

  The shock absorber used in the car has two-way bucket shock absorber, inflatable shock absorber and damping adjustable shock absorber 3 kinds.
  Two-way cylinder absorber generally consists of four valves, three cylinder, two lifting lugs and a piston and piston rods and other components. Its working principle is when the frame and the axle reciprocating relative movement, and the piston in the cylinder to move back and forth, the shock absorber in the oil through the valve on the narrow pores in the two separate between the cavity flow , Due to the friction between the hole wall and the oil and the internal friction of the liquid molecules to form a damping force, which will vibrate the mechanical energy into heat by the oil and shell absorption, and then into the atmosphere. Damping force and the cross-sectional area through the oil channel, the valve spring stiffness and the viscosity of the oil.
  When the wheel jumps, the shock absorber is compressed, the piston relative to the cylinder down, so the cylinder lower chamber volume decreases, oil pressure, the oil flow through the flow of the cylinder into the cavity. As the upper chamber is occupied by the piston rod part of the space, the upper chamber to increase the volume is less than the lower chamber to reduce the volume, so there is a part of the oil pushed out of the compression valve, flow back to the storage tank 5, the valve Damping force on suspension compression. When the wheel falls, the shock absorber is stretched, the piston moves up relative to the cylinder, so the upper cylinder oil pressure increases, the flow valve closes, and the oil is pushed into the lower chamber. Similarly, due to the existence of the piston rod, from the upper chamber into the lower chamber of the oil is not enough to fill the lower chamber to increase the volume, in the lower chamber to produce a certain degree of vacuum, then the oil tank in the oil out of the compensation valve into the lower chamber supplement. The throttling action of the process valve forms a damping force for the suspension
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