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The technical characteristics of the shock absorber

【PubTime:2017-08-15 Admin:WoGong】

  The shock absorber is a device that accelerates the vibration of the frame and body vibration to improve the ride comfort (comfort) of the vehicle, and is equipped with a shock absorber in the suspension system of most cars.
  When the frame and the axle reciprocating relative movement, and the shock absorber piston in the cylinder also for reciprocating motion, the shock absorber shell of the oil will repeatedly from an inner cavity through some narrow pores Flow into another lumen. At this point, the hole between the wall and the friction between the liquid and liquid molecules will form a vibration on the damping force, so that the body and the frame of vibration energy into heat, and by the oil and shock absorber shell absorption, and then Scattered into the atmosphere. The size of the damper damping force increases and decreases with the relative speed of the frame and the axle (or wheel), and is related to the viscosity of the oil. It is required that the viscosity of the oil used in the shock absorber is as small as possible by the influence of the temperature change and has the effect of resisting vaporization, oxidation resistance and no corrosion effect on various metal and nonmetal parts.
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